How it Works?

Convert Your Bicycle Into An Electric Bike In 3 Easy Steps


Replace Front Wheel With RevO Wheel


Attach Sensor To Bottom Bracket and Controller To Handlebar



The RevO is a self contained and wireless electric bike or, more correctly, Pedelec conversion kit. Assembled with high quality electronic components including a 250w brushless motor and 8.8Ah Lithium ion rechargeable batteries from Panasonic, it is housed in a durable aluminium monocoque chassis.

There is no separate battery to clutter the frame - it is all in the wheel, except for a sensor on the bottom bracket, connected to the wireless Controller which, in turn, is mounted on the handlebar.

The Controller communicates wirelessly with the RevO, using the 2.4G protocol, monitoring speed, battery level, distance travelled and the power/speed setting.

The Lithium Ion battery, the same as in a mobile phone, has a lifetime of over 700 "cycles" or charges, following which it will still hold a charge equivalent to 70% of when new.

Manufactured by Panasonic, the battery has a capacity of 8.8Ah which gives a range of up to 40 miles between charges, depending on cycling conditions.

The RevO is road legal and has a top speed of 15mph, the maximum permissible in the UK and above which the power is disconnected from the motor - but there is nothing preventing you from cycling faster, downhill, where road conditions (and speed limits) allow.

Security - The RevO allows a cable lock to fit through the wheel, and we recommend that the wireless Controller is removed whenever the RevO is left. The RevO is inoperable without the Controller, each of which has a unique electronic code.

We maintain a register of buyers/serial numbers and can supply replacement controllers if they are lost or mislaid.

Battery replacement - we are often asked about replacing batteries and, whilst we can supply them, it isn't a DIY job and the RevO needs to be returned to our workshop for replacement under warranty.

Limitations - The hub of the RevO contains a high quality brushless motor which, whilst designed to fit the vast majority of forks, may be too wide for custom or bespoke frames. In addition, the axle has a 10mm diameter and quick release dropouts may need to be widened fractionally to accommodate the RevO. Please check the dimensions of the RevO before ordering, to avoid any inconvenience.

Front Fork Installation Limitations

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